Business and Travel Marketing Promotions

BTMP is a proven provider of successful sites with a reputation for producing websites that enhance your customers feel of your company, allowing you to grow with your company.

A high proportion of our new business is acquired through word-of-mouth and recommendation. The true success of any initiative can only be measured over a long time period. It is for this reason that we always attempt to develop strong long-term partnerships with our clients. We aim to completely understand our clients' needs and our in-depth strength and technical expertise ensures that we can deliver their requirements completely.

Working in partnership with clients and strategically placed partners through all stages of their projects, we provide advice from the initial concept stage, through to design and development, management and promotion.
Our aims are to create a website that will portray your company in the best possible light, so when your potential customers do find the site they don't look and think "yuk"

Our business websites are all fully optimized from the point of production for maximum exposure on the internet via the search engines, although listing in the search engines cannot be guaranteed.

So, if you want quality, affordable design and development, delivered on time from a company which truly values its clients and that won't disappear in six months, please contact us and find out for yourself.

Don't trust your organisation's credibility to a designer who doesn't use a fixed mailing address and who uses a mobile telephone number - Where will they be when you need them?

Search engine optimisation
How we you get visitors to your website?. We know the best way to promote your website to maximise your return and to gain the most amount of visitors.
There is not one specific way that works, each site is individual - we will suggest the most appropriate methods based on the industry of your business and the scale of your website.

Normal search engine optimisation - for best continued results, all website marketing is an ongoing process, however this is best for long-term results which have a lower cost in the long run.
Pay Per Click (PPC) - this generates visitors immediately, however requires a continuous budget and can be very expensive.

The cost totally depends on the type of industry you are in, as some industries are highly competitive and will take significantly more work than others.

Our Principles of Search Engine Optimisation
We include Meta Tags for Title, Description and Keywords.
We include Alt Image Tags that include your sites Title.
We write good content.
We make sure your Keywords are actually relevant.
We make sure that your Keywords are placed throughout your content.
We make sure your site is linked to from related and clear sites.
We do not use any black hat techniques

EU Content Management Systems

EU CMS makes maintaining your website as easy as word processing. Because you don't need html expertise the savings are ongoing. You get immediate results and unlimited design options.

Easy to Deploy and Maintain

EU CMS is a Rapid Development tool allowing swift creation and updates of your website. It is run entirely from your web browser, allowing authorised users with basic word-processing skills to change content, approve changes and migrate these changes to your live Internet site in a matter of minutes.

Empowers Management

EU CMS puts Marketing back in control because no conventional web expertise or knowledge s required. This frees up your IT department to solve IT issues without getting tied up or bogged down in website marketing.

Flexible, Safe and Secure

The in-built security allows multiple levels of access to control who does what, allowing decentralised maintenance without compromising control. Design integrity is controlled using formatting styles for the content, thus maintaining design integrity no matter how many users develop or maintain content.

Some of the benefits:- Please contact us for a demo

For Managers

Take control of your website - no more delays waiting for IT to make web site marketing a priority.

For IT

Now you can focus on the big IT issues without the day-to-day demands of web site maintenance.

For Staff

Now you can maintain the website without any need for complex training or the mumbo jumbo of html. Update content, add new pages, freshen up with new pictures, charts graphs, you can even paste a Word document into a web page.

For your business

Upto date prices, offers, events, menus, listings

Conventional web site tools all have one catch - somewhere along the line you need html experience to make everything work. That's where BTMP's EU CMS breaks the mould.

Please note that to make your website successful you MUST promote it to your family and friends